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Them for inch and half pipe and then the inch and a half-traps are typically used for larger utility sinks kitchen sinks things like that I believe and then the inch and quarter pot traps are used for like bathroom sinks smaller sinks so that’s strap adapter you might use those so again if you’re trying to if you’re trying to plumb up for it for a new sink you know you’re gonna have your stud wall here typically again you’re gonna have a tee you’re gonna have the pipe continuing up that’s going to go to your event and a pipe going.

Down that’s going to be your drain and you’re going to Putin here a trap adapter and that’s pretty much how you do sinks and we’ll show you practically how to do this one thing that is illegal is what they call an S trap and you’ll see these sometimes in old houses you have the kitchen cabinet with the kitchen sink this is the front of the cabinet here and you’ll see that you’ll see that there’s a there’s a a trap as they’re supposed to be and then they’ll just dhotis it’ll go down through the floor and drain out that way somewhere down in the basement.

These are illegal and the reason is because again there’s no venting on them typically and you know this is this should fill up with water but as it starts to pull down this wait can actually suck the water out of the trap and it can actually cause thereto be no water in the trap and the like gases in so they don’t allow you to do this anymore you have to do it the way Explained earlier you need to have your trap and there’s got to be a vent before it goes down to keep that Fromm from having that sight phony infant that’s the sink how to plan plumbing sinks for for doing a for doings washing machine hookup the best way is to buy and I’ll show you this.

when we doth practical video they sell these little boxes that have three holes in the bottom and they give you a water valve arrangement that goes on one of them that’s got a shutoff so this could be your hop your hot water and your Goldwater and then there’s an outlet and there’s a little.

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Timers we just get out of the way wait for our hack to wear off we are a chatter macro’s already killed bunch of the people out here so we just end up over here with Zara it’s only diva on the point it’s going to take them a while to kill her but we’re occupying Zara so we’re going to win the round while we’re being sorry to death so we end up getting away with quite a lot in this game.

I think especially when we’re playing Winston because we keep doing a lot of like posturing around the front line so we don’t really want to be doing we want Tobe trying to find a way to our to their back lines as quickly as possible rather than doing all this posturing target prioritization on Winston also very wonky since we keep trying to fight tanks what you want to do as little as possible and while we were playing Reinhardt the thing that stands out the most is we’re just positioning very greedily and we are spending.

A lot of time in trying to engage fights that weren’t really favored to win rather than just waiting around for the team to regroup or we’re not keeping careful enough kept track of their team of our teammates dying picking bad fights that kind of things really just like Winston try to focus more on their back line and Reinhard try to just play it a little bit cooler don’t focus so much on I have to do the damage just think I’m going to block form team they’re going to do the Science Experiments damage that’s what DPS heroes are for you’re not a DPS hero just try and make it easier for them when you’re plaything and Winston try to bully around their back line as much as possible so those are all the things that stood outta me the most in this game.